About the Band

Founded in 2015, Smashtag is a modern pop rock cover band based out of Jacksonville and Springfield. Our mission is simple - to create a fun, energetic atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged from beginning to end. Our unique set list, production, and stage presence resonated with venues and crowds alike! We look forward to building on our success.

Smashtag is:

Dane Vincent - Lead Vocals
Dane has been singing through the Springfield music scene for quite some time. He was a member of Full Tilt for 10+ years and also sang for Pop Quiz Hotshot. Frequently, he can be found sharing his voice at various open mic nights.

Matt Rigor - Bass Guitar
Matt got his start as a teen playing guitar and didn't pick up bass until much later in life when he switched from writing his own music to working on changing the face of cover songs. With a knack for low-end glory, he has become a bonafide master of funk.

Randy Anderson - Guitar
Randy comes from a very diverse musical background. With a resume that includes playing guitar for local ska band, Peapod Junior, and playing drums for Springfield indie rockers, The Complaint Line, Randy has seen it all. Outside of the music he enjoys working on the production side of things to help design a better, brighter show.

Samuel Smith - Drums
Samuel has explored the roots of pop, punk, metal, funk and R&B - all of which have helped to cultivate a unique drumming experience that fits in perfectly with the energy and musicality of Smashtag!

Jayson Craig - Keyboards
Coming from a background of playing piano, Jayson has rapidly become a master of the synthesizer, constantly adding new patterns and sounds to his repertoire. From classic piano to crunchy synth, Jayson adds just the right amount of salt to the steak.

Stuart Smith - Guitar
A long-time staple in the local music community, Stuart brings blues-influenced riffs and unique tone to the pop/rock phenom that is Smashtag. With multiple original albums under hisbelt, he continues to build his reputation as a premier musician.